Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Field Trip

Recently, my colleagues and I took all our students, all 80 of them, skiing.  I was super pumped to go skiing with my kids! But before we even left there was drama.  This trip was part of the phy. ed. curriculum and it is understood that all the students would go.  My colleauges and I got word that there were many students that didn't want to go! Why, in God's name, wouldn't you want to go skiing?! I understand someone wouldn't like skiing, but you can still go and GET OUT OF SCHOOL!  After reiterating several times that if you don't go, you stay for a regular school day, we still had six not go! Dumb dummyheads!
When we finally got to the hill, and I finally got all suited up, I ended up only going down the hill once! I went up, got word that one of the boys in my homeroom fell and was hurt, and I came down to help (I didn't fall that one time down, though!).  I spent the rest of the trip with him in first aid or in the chalet.  Needless to say, he came to school in a cast yesterday. At least that was the only accident with 80 12 year-olds on skis and snowboards.

Sidebar best quote of the day:
As my students leave, I hang out in the hall, chat with them as they pack up, and tell them "Byeee" as they leave.  Today, I was talking to one of my quiet boys and he starts up this story about his cousin that adopted an orphaned deer and it now knocks its head on the door when it wants food.  Listening to the story, another boy comes up and asks, "What happens if someone shoots the deer?" meaning how would the cousin feel? Without missing a beat, my quiet little boy turns to him and says, "It's dead."  I laughed so hard I almost snorted!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday: Facts

Some facts of students, teachers, and teaching:
  • You know the teacher in "The Christmas Story"? You know the drawer she has with the chattering teeth and all the other things she had taken from the students? I so have one of those...minus the chattering teeth.
  • Remember when you got home from school and didn't want to do your homework? Teachers don't want to either, but it's the grading that we don't want to do. One of these days I will learn that if I don't give homework, I won't have to grade it.
  • Teachers swear, just not when the students around. But for the record, at least once a day I want to swear either at a student or at some stupid thing a student is doing.  Also at least once a day, I stop myself from swearing and "G rate" my language before it comes out of my mouth. 
  • We can all remember getting together with our friends to vent about how a teacher drives you absolutely crazy.  Well, chances are that your teachers got together at some point and vented about how you drove them absolutely nuts too.  
  • The joke of when the teachers says, "Please get out your homework," and the students yells, "What homework?!" will NEVER be funny.  Please pass that on to future generations.
  • Speaking of future generations...those of you with small children or who are planning on children, please teach them the common sense of bringing a pencil to class.  Somehow, the current generation has missed that lesson and will go to class without one.
  • More later...

Before the Bell

Welcome to the world of a young teacher.  Here you will eventually read the hilarious things teachers hear throughout their day, the crappy things they have to put up with, and other tidbits from my life.  I feel that some things are too good/horrible not to share, so here is my vehicle to do just that.  I hope you all enjoy!